Embodied Healing Arts


  • Want to be more free in your body?
  • Do you know what you’re feeling, when you’re sick?
  • Want more spontaneity and expression of your authentic self?

Embodiment is having a healthy sense of one’s body that involves a connectedness and an ability to move easily, gracefully, and instinctively. It allows for expression, spontaneity, playfulness, and joy in moving and expressing one’s self.

As children, we find ourselves naturally in the world in this way. As we grow, our relationship to our body is altered through maturation, early childhood experiences, cultural messages and norms that suppress our full expression of ourselves, and trauma. Our relationship with our body impacts our overall mind body well being. A sense of bodily integrity, mastery, congruence with what we are thinking and feeling helps us to be truer to ourselves.

healing words

Healing involves reclaiming lost parts of ourselves, letting our emotions and creative energies flow and be expressed in healthy ways. Change happens on many levels, including beliefs, behaviors, physically in our bodies when we learn to relax fully and rest and nourish ourselves in important ways. Transformation is when we take our new way of being into the world.

images of music dance art

The use of expressive arts (visual arts, writing, poetry, movement/dance, song  writing, …) provide powerful avenues to engage and express the deeper parts of ourselves, what is meaningful, and what is unconscious. Symbols, our first language, can take us into primal states, give us clarity and wisdom, and give expression to the un-nameable, spirit, or God. The process of creating allows for spontaneity, play, and surprise. The content gives way to meaning and understanding. The creative intuitive response is inherent within us and is a pull towards our essential nature, healing, and wholeness.