About Embodied Healing Arts

Mind-Body well-being is based on the relationship between how we are in our bodies and our we are in our minds. Mind-body well-being includes a sense of being alive and connected to one’s body making it possible to move easily, gracefully, and instinctively. It includes an ability to feel inner peace and calm, confident in your ability to create and express yourself, and an ability to set healthy boundaries. It reflects how we live through our bodies and senses in a world affected by social, cultural, political, and historical forces.

Embodied Healing Arts uses a multi-modal approach to resolve trauma and conflict, explore personal needs and desires, and develop the ability to feel actualized and empowered to create what you want and accept limitations. It’s a process of discovering and embracing and integrating all the parts of us, and developing new coping and communication skills. The result is greater health and well-being, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Anxiety, depression, and disembodiment are signals that something
is out of alignment and not being addressed. Whether it’s an
emotional blockage, distorted or negative thinking, or sexual
dysfunction as a result of trauma or life experiences, these
ultimately result in physical distress, illness, and disease. The mind
body relationship is critical to overall wellbeing.

Through individual, couple, or group sessions, explore and transform
different aspects of the self using self-reflection, art, movement,
and other expressive modalities.

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About Valerie

Valerie Sher, Ph.D., offers mind/body psychotherapy and wellness coaching. Her training in movement therapy, somatic and clinical psychology, expressive arts, coaching, health education, and business come together in a kaleidoscope that offers people a path for reconnecting to a deeper, integrated, lived experience that allows for greater health and well being.

She works with clients to gently heal trauma and integrate their
thinking, feeling, and expression to allow for more congruence and a
stronger sense of self. Helping clients to disover new coping and communication skills allows them to learn from the past and live in the present. Exploring what is meaningful, allowing unbridled creativity energy to flow, and finding one’s authentic voice are all important aspects of well-being and what fuels the spirit.

Dr.Valerie Sher has a private practice in Menlo Park and Redwood City California. She is an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and teaches health education at Kaiser Permanente. She is an international speaker and workshop facilitator.