Prose To The Dark Feminine

deep feminine

The Dark Feminine speaks deeply to those that are ready
To those who are Listening.
Those who need to have their hair dragged down into the mud to wake up
She is your potential, your muse, and your sword.
In service to you, release what you don’t need, she turns you around and points you toward
Your Self.
Wake up, Awaken, She lightens the night. She glimmers in shadows, and pulls you into her arms, holds you tight.

Her vulva is potent, She glistens with the nectar of Her Soul Making Love to Itself
Her belly, nourished and satiated from a juicy peach of her own sensuality, juice dripping from her chin, she takes in the nourishment.
Her Heart sings out, fierce and loyal is She. Sorrow dweller, passionmaker, truth shaker.
When she’s most Crazy, she cares about you the most. Will you open to Her and invite Her in?

I’m here to take you to your Everything, she Says.
Come Take Me, Dive Me Deep
I feel my steady though my knees are weak
Give me everything, take it Away, Leave Me Cleansed and Free
Take me into MySelf, and Let My Essence Be Seen

-Valerie Sher April 2018

Embodied Feminine Wisdom Facebook Group

woman with leaaves

I don’t have to tell you that now, more than ever, we need to embody, embrace, celebrate, and access the wisdom and spirit of Women, the sacred Feminine, our relationships with the earth, our kindred spirits, and Feminine deities. After a profound dive into my own embodied, sacred Feminine nature through art, movement, and spiritual practices over a decade ago, I find myself returning to it with more fervor and passion than ever.

So I’ve created the Embodied Feminine Wisdom Facebook group for those on the path of exploring, discovering, healing, revisioning, celebrating, and expressing themselves as vibrant, powerful, creative, sexual, intuitive, and spiritual women through the body, heart, spirit, the arts, and community. This group is for you if you are being called to or curious about:

* Accessing your Intuitive Embodied Wisdom Medicine and Your Deep and Sacred Feminine Self

* Dropping into the deep and sacred Feminine parts of yourself that are calling to be known, honored, and lived

* Reclaiming lost, wounded, abandoned parts of yourself and feel more integrated, healthy, and whole

* Discovering for yourself what is meant by Embodied Feminine Consciousness through a kaleidoscope of lenses, including psychological, spiritual, mythological, sociopolitical, historical, and masculine and feminist motifs.

* Revisioning the body, sexual, and religious politics of women in our culture, media, and leadership

So I invite you all to join my new Facebook Group, Embodied Feminine Wisdom. Please help me expand and be a part of building community by engaging and sharing your own story, art, poetry and journey in the discovery and embodiment of the Feminine.

More about my Herstory:

My work with the sacred Feminine and what it means to be an embodied woman has spanned decades. After taking my first course at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology on Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Mysteries, I had the realization that there was a “Feminine” and I didn’t have one. Or that I didn’t know about it and was surprised and shocked to know that it wasn’t included in my experience growing up. It was never included in any education I received in public or religious school and it wasn’t in the media. How could that be?

Upon this awakening, I was in a fervor to discover the images of woman, in power, in sacred art, in expressed vibrant sexuality, in Her aliveness. My power, my fierceness, my sacredness, my sexuality, my aliveness.

I went on to paint, write, dance, hold gatherings, attend workshops, and dropped into discovering the sacred relationship between the body, wisdom, aliveness, and exploring blocks to find what’s possible. I overcame my chronic depression, inhabited my body and started to experience profound pleasure, delight, and an embodied awakening. Here I am, many moons later, and my dissertation on the Embodied Feminine – An Exploration through Movement cycles back to me, calling to be revisited, embodied again, shared and practiced in community.

Join me in this important work at a most important time in our history.

Join the Embodied Feminine Wisdom Group in Facebook and become a contributing member to the movement of discovering, revisioning, and expressing the power and magic of the Embodied Feminine.