Embodied Feminine Wisdom

Are you looking to explore, revision, enliven, celebrate, and deepen your journey of self discovery as a woman?

Do you want to be fully expressed as a vivacious, sensual, creative, embodied, sexual, and spiritual woman?

Do you want to be nourished by other women growing and developing progressive sacred feminine psychology and spirituality?

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Access your Intuitive Embodied Wisdom Medicine?and Your Deep and Sacred Feminine Self

Using art, movement, storytelling, ritual, and self-inquiry, you will:

  • Touch into the most essential elements of being a woman porn
  • Drop into the deep parts of yourself that are calling to be known, honored, and lived while cultivating the wisdom that lies within.
  • Dive into?the sacred realms of your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Experience and express yourself fully –?more fully alive, rich, and vibrant.
  • Discover for yourself?what is meant by Embodied?Feminine Consciousness?through a kaleidoscope?of lenses,?including psychological, spiritual, mythological, sociopolitical, historical, and masculine and feminist motifs.
  • Prepare to be moved!

Offerings – Details Below

  • Embodied Feminine Wisdom Archetypal Assessment – a mapping of your Embodied Feminine strengths, power, and shadow
  • Embodied Feminine Wisdom Immersion Program. Join other women in diving into the vibrant and magical?Deep and Sacred Feminine using art, movement, and self-discovery.Retreats and Workshops to luxuriate in listening, honoring, and tending to what is being called forth and wanting expression from your deepest Feminine self(selves).
  • Monthly Circles in Redwood City
  • Individual sessions in-person or through Skype – Individual Skype Sessions are available?to support your process and go deeper with more individual facilitation. Contact me at 650-332-4656 or email at drval@drvaleriesher.com. Click here to set up a consultation call.
  • Retreats and Workshops -?offered throughout the year ?to take time to nourish and nurture the deep and multi-faceted parts of ourselves as women. Connect to?other embodied wisdom seeking women.

Click here for the current schedule/calendar.

For more information on the Feminine Archetypes, click here:?Feminine Archetypes

What other’s have said:

Valerie proposed a path for us to take in this first session and it felt right. She asked a few key questions that helped her fine-tune her sense of me, which supported a comforting and skillful calibration in our phone conversation. I appreciated her honoring of all that I have developed throughout a 60+ year lifetime. She reported my assessment data and together we wove greater understanding about my relationships with these many feminine archetypes.
What had begun at FemTalks as a simple affinity with Valerie’s work, blossomed and dreamed me into guidance about an old constraining pattern embodied by my birth mother. My WHOLE SELF, with all its sacred feminine aspects, gets to decide how I walk this life. I am very grateful!
~ Marcia Rayene, M.A., founder/principal of Inner Ally Breakthrough Coaching

Contact Valerie Sher, PhD for more information and to schedule an appointment, consultation or register at 650-332-4656 or drval@drvaleriesher.com.

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My Story

The Embodied Feminine Wisdom series comes out of my own discovery of my body’s knowing, my experience of myself, and?who I was (and am)?as a woman, as?Feminine. In my first course – Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Mysteries – at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, I experienced a classic mid-life crisis,?and a dive into self knowing.?I discovered there was a “Feminine” and a sense that “I didn’t have one.” I was raised by a strong mother who was raised by Marines, three brothers, a career in the?very masculine field of high tech, and I often questioned my sense of masculine and feminine.?Perhaps confusion about my sexual identity, or rather a self that was a cultural creation?cut off from an important aspect of myself. How had I been so cut off from a part of myself? This was the backdrop and beginning of my passionate yearning to know myself through?various lenses and motifs,?myths and stories, imagery, poetry, and song as a woman.

In my?exploration through?dancing, performance art, poetry, art, and music, I discovered the prayerful relationship with the deep and rich world of my inner embodied sense of self and the Sacred Feminine. The act of creative expression in its many?flavors?gave me form, poetic expression, aliveness, knowing, curiosity, power, direction and meaning.?Through?the intersection of art and my body, I?feel myself deeply and know myself in relationship to others, the world, the Everything.

A Jungian Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Ritualist, and Guide,?Valerie Sher, Ph.D.,?through her own call to discover, inhabit, express, and be known,?brings her work to others to deepen their understanding of themselves and make meaning of their lives. She did her doctoral dissertation on The Embodied Feminine: An Exploration Through Movement. Focused at cultivating joy, health and wellbeing, the Founder of Paths to Wellness (PTW) embraces a philosophy that includes balance and being sourced in the areas of relationship, career, creativity, community, spirituality, and emotional and physical health. She served as the Director of the Center for the Divine Feminine at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology overseeing programs, events, and scholarship donations on the?Sacred and Divine Feminine. She?has performed in the production of The Vagina Monologues and other expressive art performances.

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