The Creatrix

The Divine Creatrix breathes life into being from Her own design.
Birthed from a seed in the womb. Mother.

From the void, the Matrix of life is painted from the desire
to cocreate, collaborate, nourish and nurture.

There is no holding back the primordial urge of the Creatrix.


creātrix f ‎(genitive creātrīcis); third declension

The creation that occurs is Mother (Maya),
the divine whim (Shakti/power) is Mother and the absolute formless ground of being is Mother. Formlessness, the void, and the absolute. Then creation arose, continually arising out of divine whim and play of the Supreme.

The ultimate Creatrix is that of the Divine Mother as Supreme Being, creatrix of the universe. She expresses compassion and love. She is our best friend, confidant and teacher. From her, all other creation is born.

The Greek Goddesses of art and inspiration, The Muses, included Euterpe (joy giver), the Muse of lyric poetry; Thalia, the Muse of comedy; Terpsichore, the lover of dancing; Erato, awakener of desire, and Urania (heavenly). They were represented by the freshwater spring that bubbles, like inspiration, from a hidden source.

The creative force alights from the alchemy of fire and water and the divine light. The experience of creativity is an entry into the mysterious, the unknown. Abandon yourself to the energy that fuels the birth of all things. Be open to what wants to be expressed through you. Don’t possess your creations, they do not belong to you. (Osho Taro)

Invoke the Muses by performing the actions that please them 

Am I mad, or does the Muse call out to me?
Don’t you hear her? Don’t you hear her
in the rustling leaves, in the wind’s soft voice,
in the water’s laughter? Don’t you hear her?

If this is madness, let me go insane!
Let me go in search of her, calling out
to the bright sky: descend, singing goddess,
descent! Bring us your immortal music:

the sound of flutes playing in the wind
over bending grass, the sound of strings
plucked like sudden sunshine, the clear bell
of your voice thrilling through the world.

– Monaghan