Embodied Feminine Wisdom: Awakening Shakti

Awaken your Juicy Sexuality, Creativity, and
Vivacious Life Force Energy
Learn to Bring it Into Your Everything

A Woman’s Workshop
Presented by Valerie Sher, PhD

August 28
at the Priestess Rising Conference and Ball

Offered by FemTalks


Get into the vibrant flow of your Shakti feminine energy

Learn to use your intuition, wisdom, power, passion, and creativity

Have more aliveness in your work, relationships, personal expression, and community

Valerie Sher, PhD  is a Psychologist and Sexuality/Relationship and Creativity Coach. She knows the ups and downs in the roller coaster of vitality and depressed stuck energy. Through her own path of awakening Shakti and getting lost, she’s learned to use the tools of the body, creative imagination, ritual, and art to reconnect with the deeper parts of herself and helps others to find deep connection with themselves, befriend and tend to alienated and lost parts of themselves, and heal and transform fears into courage and adventure.

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