Sacred Feminine Alchemy RePatterning for Prosperity Program

This program looks at the many realms we experience and that influence our relationship to prosperity and abundance – whether it’s in love or money. They include:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • energetic
  • cognitive
  • spiritual

We often get negative messages and develop habituated responses in relationsihp to money. Women are enculturated to money and financial success differently and face unique challenges. Common patterns women face that keep them from having the money or relationships they want include:

  • issues around deserving, worth
  • sacrificing, giving yourself away
  • doing it alone

These patterns and others influence us at many levels with many consequences. Cultivating tools such as mindfulness, repatterning techniques, creative visualization, and more will help guide participants into greater relationship and flow with the natural abundance of the universe.

For just $79, the Package includes:

  • Two VIP Prosperity Virtual Group Gatherings Nov. 12 and Dec. 19 (calls will be recorded but are most valuable if attending live) from 2-3:30pm
    • Receive Mirroring and Reflection of Your Unconscious Patterns That Block Abundance
    • Deepen into the Sacred Feminine Way to Repattern Yourself To Receive More Prosperity
    • Learn Alchemical Practices Personalized for Your Unique Path
  • 1:1 60 min. Consultation to Customize Your Unique Prosperity Map
  • Top Ten Challenges to Magnetizing Your Desire and What to Do About It Workbook
  • Free ticket to January event Breakthrough Your Blocks to Power and Prosperity