Intention Dolls

“In the universe, there is an immeasurable, indescribably force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.” – Carlos Castaneda

Intention Doll 2

Intention is a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. It is not something you do but an energy you’re a part of.

The Background of Intention Dolls

Having spent a lot of time in New Orleans where voo doo is practiced, I felt drawn in, curious. I would wander into the shops in the Quarter, feeling the potency of the magic there, a sense of the mysterious. I bought some small ones but they were mass produced and lacked the energy I desired, my magic. I felt a need to put my juju, my creative energy, focused attention and intention in embodied form through creating what I called intention dolls.

Anything you create with a focus on your desires, prayers, and intentions, holds the power of the dream.

At a time when I was struggling with the focus of my right work, after having gone in several dead end directions and feeling no energy for the dissertation I needed to create, I longed for clarity. I invited a number of graduate student women to a workshop to create intention dolls.  While I knew there was potency in this project, I felt the magnetic energy and the palpable power the dolls communicated. They spoke of desire and intention for knowing they were on the right path, calling in power and strength, wisdom, perseverance, openness, love. The dolls were an embodied creation of their deepest desires and sung a song of their essential life force and creative magic.

Let yourself be touched by the sense of connecting to a deep sense of your soul’s longing, your heart, your spirit. Awaken to the aliveness of the creative spiritual expression of you and your life journey’s calling.

Creating Intention Dolls

Many of the dolls created have used sticks glued together with a glue gun to create the shape of the torso and arms. Pillow stuffing can be used to create the body shape, arms, head, etc. Anything can be used as a core element – wood, sticks, shells, coconuts. Let yourself be surprised by what wants to emerge.

Fabric from favorite old garments or buying fabric from the store can be used to cover the stick. Glue guns, stick pins, or upholstery tacks can be used to fast the fabric and create shape. Twine, ribbons, feathers, glitter, and gems can be used to adorn your doll, and whatever else you can imagine. Old beads, buttons, old earrings are especially valuable and hold sacred energy as they represent the things you love and are attached to.

Sculpy clay was used to shape heads, eyes, arms, and other elements. Bake according to the directions and use glue gun to attach to the doll as desired. Use popsicle sticks (purchased at a craft store) to help hold down elements to avoid burning yourself with hot glue.

Placement of Your Doll

Place your doll on an altar or visible place. As you pass by, consciously and subconsciously, you will be connected to your intentions and continue to focus the energy. Meditate on your intention, dance, move, sound out your intention.

I hung mine in a foyer and walked by it for several weeks. One day I had a complete vision of my entire dissertation which ultimately was called The Embodiment of The Feminine: An Exploration Through Movement. It had all the elements of my creative essence and what I wanted to bring forth in my own psychospiritual adventure. Embodiment, Movement, Deepening into the Feminine Psyche, and Art. Later I looked up and saw the doll I had passed by and felt the connection, acknowledging and appreciating the power of her guidance and clarity.

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