Prayer Flags

The Spirit of The Prayer Flag

You have probably experienced prayer flags at Buddhist Temples, Native American vision quests or other sacred gatherings. After an experience creating them at a 5 Rhythm Dance.and connecting me to a sense of the sacred, I was touched by the offerings of prayer, asking for support and being open to receiving. Listening, seeing possibilities, and answering the call, saying Yes.

I brought them to memorials of good friends and had them burned at the temple at Burning Man, high school students at an alternative school. I felt a connection in the prayers that were manifest through my shapes, and colors, textures, and light.

As beings emerged, incarnations of the Sacred Feminine. Lakshmi, the Static Masculine, Animal Archetypal energies spoke to me and offered their support and energy towards my prayer.

Lakshmi Prayer Flag



Creation of Prayer Flag Panels

Using cotton sheeting or any similar fabric, cut squares anywhere from 4×4 – 10×12. A good size is XxX

Fold a ¼” flap (helps to iron first) and then fold again to create a ½-3/4” opening to string the prayer flag like a curtain. Using a sewing machine, sew!

Colored markers are used for writing intentions, prayers, blessings, and gratitudes. Use water to treat like water colors, softening, mixing.  You have to be unattached to outcome and trust the process. Layer as dimension, intention, and reflection unfold. Rewrite intentions over colored cotton, add elements that reflect what you are calling in. [Goethe’s poem

You can use any materials you like, feel connected to or enjoy. This Prayer Flag centers features Lakshmi as the Center. Vibrant, sparkling, and gold. Draped in natural fibers, are cotton prayer flags inked with intentions, desires, and asks for support are tied in the web of creation.

I am swimming in the Abundant River of Life

Give Yourself to Love

I am Gentle and Kind

I am curious and non-judgmental

I see the strengths in people

I am confident in my power and right work

Static Masculine – Slow and steady girl, keep at it, first enlightenment – then the chores – do the chores.

Prayers flags are made from cotton sheet cut up in desired sizes. Markers are used to write intentions, draw images and symbols.

Starting from a basic coat hanger,


Embodied Intention Dolls and Other Power Figures

Having spent a lot of time in New Orleans where voo doo is rampant, I felt drawn in, curious. I would wander into the shops in the Quarter, feeling the potency of the magic there, the mysterious. I bought some small ones but they lacked my magic.  Followed by a lot of time in the law of attraction, manifestation/visualization exposure, I brought my need to express myself through art to embodied form. Leading a few women in the creation of a doll that is made with focus on their desires, prayers, and intentions. Any thing you create in this way holds the power of the dream.

Feeling a need to create my own embodiment of my deep longing and in support of my internal struggle – when one is at a cross roads and needing to decide to move forward when they may not be ready or are ready and don’t feel confident. I invited a number of graduate student women to a workshop to create intention dolls. Dolls of Attraction. And I was surprised at the powerful stories the dolls told. Stories of desires for clarity, knowing they were on the right path, calling in power and strength, wisdom, perseverance. The dolls held so much energy and they experienced a powerful experience of embodied creation. The life force creative magic was  electric. The delight, and satisfaction that comes with connecting to a deep part of yourself, your heart, your spirit, your need to express yourself.  My Experience read more]

I held a number of groups with women repeating that experience. My own doll for clarity …

Using sticks, pillow stuffing, fabric, a glue gun, glitter , feathers, and gems  and whatever else you can imagine. Begin with making a cross of sticks, or a torso and shoulders. You can use sculpy clay as I used in mine to sculpt a face and arms.

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